10 things successful people do in the weekend

If you’re one of the many people who define success by how hard you work, it’s likely your work weeks are nudging 70 hours. But here’s a crazy fact: a 2014 study from Stanford called The Productivity of Working Hours reveals that productivity per hour declines sharply when you work more than 50 hours. Once you hit 55 hours, productivity is so low there’s basically no point working at all. In other words, people who work 70 hours per week are as productive as those working 55.

So now that you’ve just gained 15 hours of your week back, how should you spend it?  We look at 10 things successful people do on the weekend to get more out of every day.

1.  They switch off

Want to know the number one strategy successful people use to be successful?  They disconnect.  We’re not talking simply turning off your laptop, we’re talking completely disconnecting from electronic communications related to work from Friday evening to Monday morning.  This white space clearly defines their time on and off, helping them to be fully rested and revived when Monday rolls around.  Without it, they never have the chance to recharge, making productivity and energy levels low.

If you do need to check your emails over the weekend, put clear boundaries in place. Choose a specific time and day where you check and respond to your emails.  This could be every Saturday from 7-8pm, Sunday 6-7am or some other time that works for you.  Make sure your family and friends hold you accountable for this. Put an out of office on your email to let people know the times you’ll be checking emails over the weekend so they know when to expect a reply.

2.  They schedule chores

Consider outsourcing chores so you can spend your weekend enjoying quality time with your friends, family and yourself.  If outsourcing isn’t an option for you financially, then setting a strict weekend chore schedule needs to be a priority.

Too often weekends are spent catching up on the menial tasks you weren’t able to complete during the work week, like mowing the lawns, doing the washing or cleaning the house.  While these life admin tasks do need to get done, they shouldn’t dictate your entire weekend.

Create a schedule for exactly when these tasks will take place.  Include family members in these jobs to share the load and reduce the time they take. Once the time lapses, it’s down tools and onto the next adventure, staying true to that time limit so your weekend isn’t eaten away.

3.  They create white space

White space is that magical period of time where nothing is scheduled. It’s intentionally created so that when you look at your diary, there’s space for you to reflect, learn, grow and prosper from your inner wisdom.

Creating white space, or a time of reflection, is a tool many successful people use to look at the big picture and let their creative mind lead them to where they’re moving next.  You can then harness the power created in your white space to move into the week ahead with more clarity than the week before.

4.  They exercise

The benefits of exercise are well documented, with movement improving your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  This is why successful people make it a priority to move throughout their weekend. Boosting your heart rate will release feel-good chemicals that reduce stress, shift toxins and improve blood flow to name a few too.

5.  They pursue a passion

An intense work week doesn’t often allow time to enjoy your passion, right? But what if you made time every weekend to pursue that thing that lights you up inside. Be it reading, writing, aerial yoga or playing with your kids, making time to be present with your passions on the weekend is something successful people see great value in. Not only does is light your inner fire, but it also helps neutralise stress and boost creativity so you’re firing on all cylinders throughout your work week.

6.  They embrace their family

In the book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, one of the top regrets was ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.’ So much of life these days is consumed by work.  However successful people are now realising that work is only one indicator of living a rich and meaningful life. Perhaps the most important of all is the connection we make with our family and friends.  Don’t let this precious time be squandered.

Take your kids to the park, watch them play sport. Invite your elderly parents around for dinner, or finally arrange that BBQ with all your mates. Find time in your weekend to fill your heart with love and connection, before it’s too late.

7.  They create memories

Society is starting to get the memo about collecting memories over ‘stuff’.  The weekend is the perfect time to make this a reality. Successful people plan mini-adventures in advance so they have something to look forward to, be it a concert or live show, weekend away or epic hike.  Why don’t you do that too?

8.  They stick to sleep routines

As tempting as it is to sleep in on the weekend, it actually messes with your circadian rhythms.  Successful people stick to their sleep routine – even on the weekend.  T his also means going to bed at the usual time as well to ensure you get the right amount of rest.  That way, come Monday, you’re alert, awake and ready to conquer the world.

9.  They have a Miracle Morning

The best-selling book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod demonstrates the life-changing power of starting your day off on the right foot. Successful people agree, carving out time in the early hours of their weekend to invest in themselves.  This might be journaling, meditating, going for a bike ride or run or simply waking up and having a cup of tea before the kids rise.  Whatever it is, make your weekend mornings a little bit more miraculous by investing in you before the busyness of life takes over.

10.  They get prepared

Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to do a big weekly cook up.  Preparing meals and lunches for the week ahead saves time and boosts productivity. It’s also the perfect opportunity to schedule your week, book in any meetings or appointments and set some goals. Come Monday morning, you’ll be seizing the day, rather than chasing it.

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